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Europe Whispers “Crisis” While the Market Continues Screaming

So, why is the market reacting positively to this news? Well, in the perverse logic of a shortsighted market, debt spending is good.  Going into the European crises last year, there was no backstop for a European country in trouble.  [...]

A Crack in the Great Wall-mart: Watch Out for Rising Prices from China

While America’s labor force struggles to regain employment and reclaim real wages, the prices of necessary products are preparing to surge, creating the uncomfortable prospect of stagflation, that dour economic phenomenon of rising prices and falling wages last seriously confronted [...]

Equity Valuations Forming Second Biggest Bubble in US History

Exhibit one: The cyclically-adjusted price-to-earnings ratio, or CAPE. This is not a “fad” valuation metric.  CAPE dates back to 1871, offering 140 years worth of data, during which time the mean price-to-earnings ratio is 16. According to Yale University’s Dr. [...]

Can Dollar Weakness Mean Equity Weakness?

A mentor of mine consistently preaches that the market will always do whatever it can to make the most investors look foolish.  Contrary to conventional wisdom, there is a case that investors should at least consider: that an accelerating decline [...]

Government Bubble Targeted with S&P Outlook

The markets reacted violently. Europe quickly dropped an additional percent, the Dow Jones Industrial Average opened down over one hundred points, and the gold price took off again, continuing its assault on $1,500 (reaching an all-time high of $1,498.60).  Asset [...]

Sociapitalism: How the Government Became the Next Bubble

Sociapitalism is different than Social Capitalism – a European concept. Social capitalism is the redistribution of wealth through social programs, such as unemployment benefits, food stamps, and government housing. Sociapitalism is not a redistribution of wealth, but a redistribution of [...]

Predicting the Future Gold Price Misses the Point

I loathe the question, because a typical gold bug will not “hear” my response, instead waiting for me to validate their speculative fantasies with the prospect of dollar signs and five-figure gold. Will gold rise to $2000/oz? $10,000/oz? Where is [...]

Edward Steves and his Million Dollar Gold Arbitrage

In Texas, truth and myth are often blurred as stories of what the human spirit accomplishes are stretched into tall tales for open camp fires and star filled nights. Perhaps the story of Mr. Steves borders on exaggeration. Perhaps not. [...]

UPDATE: Jeff Berwick Speech at the Silver Summit

We are at ‘The end of the world as we know it’.The key to survive is ‘Protection of assets’.Surviving the coming economic collapse is the name of the game, and the most important assets for survival are: – 2nd passports- [...]

UPDATE: Eric Sprott Speech at the Silver Summit

-5% equity in the banking system – that is a 20 to 1 ratio, the norm, though, is around 100 to 1.  In layman’s terms, for every $1 of paper assets, you have 5 cents in capital. – What this [...]