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Here Is Why Gold & Silver Are Set To Explode Going Forward

Below is Fitzwilson’s disdainful square for KWN: “We have seen some really excellent discussions this week about a short-term technical and elemental conditions for gold.  We suspicion it competence also be useful to take a bit longer perspective of a [...]

Here Is What Will Fuel The Move Higher In Hard Assets

Michael Pento continues: “This element relates to countries as good since a idea of embracing purgation on a inhabitant turn goes opposite a pellet of a common psyche.  The Spanish economy continues a downward spiral, as a turn of stagnation [...]

What To Expect With Gold Assaulting $1,700 & Silver At $32

Here is what tip Citi researcher Fitzpatrick had to say, along with some absolute charts:  “As we forked out in a prior interview, we had a 3 uninterrupted weeks where bullion attempted a $1,791 level, that was a large pivot.  [...]

Currency Wars Continue To Rage & This Is Positive For Gold

Caesar Bryan continues: Gold had peaked from a mid-$1,500 area to $1,800, so it had gotten a small forward of itself.  Well, certain adequate bullion has taken a hit, and damaged by a 50-day relocating normal that was during $1,723.  [...]

Central Planners Greatest Fear, Possible Surprises & Gold

Rick Rule continues: “For those who like to amass gold, we need to perspective these cost declines as an opportunity.  From my indicate of view, we am going to be a systematic customer of bullion until we see a complement [...]

Household Name From Top Hedge Fund Caught Manipulating

Stephen Leeb continues: “A crony of cave walked in a bureau of a vital sidestep account operator, a name everybody would commend (a domicile name)…. Continue reading a Stephen Leeb talk below… Advertisement UPDATE: To hear that association has one [...]

No More Exits, We Are Already Past The Point Of No Return

Michael Pento continues: “So they suspicion it was a many improved suspicion each 50 years to do an contingent cleansing of debt.  This approach it would be softly painful, though in a long-term it would be really profitable for a [...]

This Key Chart Continues To Worry The Gold & Silver Bears

It should be remarkable that right now bullion is attack new highs in a entrance market, and partial of today’s strength is really associated to a movement in a HUI and XAU bullion mining indexes…. Continue reading below… Advertisement UPDATE: [...]

Deus Ex Machina & Ground Zero Of Fiat Currency Destruction

Below is Fitzwilson’s disdainful square for KWN: “Deus Ex Machina has roots that go low into a story of Western literature.  It is a literary technique used to solve clearly unfit predicaments.  At a finish of a tragedy or even [...]

Why Money Is Now Pouring Into Hard Assets All Over The World

Michael Pento continues: “However, a answer supposing by governments and executive banks to propel a economy is to emanate some-more of a same condition that brought about a problems in a initial place.  That is, to boost a turn of [...]